Announcing the Introduction of 2 New State-of-the-art Transport Systems in Dubai 2024

Contracts for Solar Panel Bridge Rail Bus and Driverless Rail Fluke Project

It has been decided to introduce 2 New State-of-the-art Transport Systems in Dubai. According to the Dubai Media Office, during the Dubai International Project Management Forum (DIPMF), the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) signed memorandums of understanding with two specialized companies in the development and manufacturing of transport systems, based in the UK. Wally Urban Mass Co. and Railbus Inc. of the United States have signed an agreement to develop a separate solar-panel-powered and driverless bridge project in Dubai.

New State-of-the-art Transport Systems in Dubai
New State-of-the-art Transport Systems in Dubai

It has been reported that:

The two new transport systems that will be built in the city under the agreements are named Rail Fluke Duo and Rail Bus. Double tracks are used to enable fast and efficient movement of transport units while the rail-bus setup will have a bridge equipped with solar panels on which specially designed bus-like vehicles will be constructed. Will be operated, and it will use solar energy to run a bridge transport system made of solar panels.

New State-of-the-art Transport Systems in Dubai
New State-of-the-art Transport Systems in Dubai

It is learned that both the MoUs were signed on behalf of the Dubai administration by Abdul Mohsin Kalbat, CEO of Rail Agency and RTA, Urban Mass Founder and CEO Ricky Sindhu attended the signing ceremony on behalf of his company. While Dr. Hatim Altahir Ibrahim, Director of Business Development of Railbus Inc. Company, signed.

Expressing his thoughts on this occasion, Abdul Mohsen Kalbat said that the signing of these two agreements is part of RTA’s strategic plans to connect with important companies and specialized institutions in this sector to provide the most sophisticated and modern transport. RTA is looking for new innovations in the transport system for this purpose.

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