An Important Development for Artificial Rain in Lahore

The government has established a working group to implement the project.

Artificial Rain in Lahore

There has been significant progress for artificial rain in Lahore, the capital of Punjab province, where the Punjab government has established a working group to implement the project. According to the details, a working group has been established to implement the project of artificial rain in Lahore. In this regard, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary Punjab, in which progress was made on the projects of artificial rain and installation of a smog reduction tower in Lahore. The meeting was reviewed, and the secretaries of environment protection, agriculture, finance, and related departments, and officials of federal and military institutions participated, on this occasion, it was decided to establish a working group for the implementation of the artificial rain project It consists of representatives of federal and provincial departments and institutions associated with research.

Artificial Rain in Lahore
Artificial Rain in Lahore

It has been learned that in the meeting, the officials of the Department of Environmental Protection, in a briefing on the method of cloud seeding and cloud ionization for artificial rain, said that the first trial for cloud seeding is expected in 4 to 6 weeks, using a chemical process using airplanes. Cloud seeding is highly dependent on weather conditions, and cloud formation, The MoU with Dubai company for cloud ionization is in the final stages.

In the briefing, it was stated that cloud ionization will be tested at selected places in Lahore through 5 systems provided by the Dubai company in the next 6 weeks. A team of experts will go to China next month for the installation of smog reduction towers in Lahore. A monitoring cell is being established in the Environment Protection Department to monitor the projects. Speaking at the meeting, Chief Secretary Punjab said that the cooperation of federal and military institutions in the efforts to prevent smog in Punjab is commendable, the provincial government is taking practical steps to prevent smog, to control environmental pollution. A joint effort is required.

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