A Terrifying Creature Terrorized Users in Google Street View

Google Street View or Google Maps app is one of the most used apps in the world because it allows users to view the map of places around the world anywhere at any time. However, sometimes these images are funny. They also lead to unreal moments and sometimes give a terrible experience.

Terrifying Creature
Terrifying Creature

Terrifying Creature

Something similar happened in the US state of Utah, where some users of Google Street View witnessed a terrifying creature. According to a foreign news outlet, a Google Street View image shows a half-naked creature with long, flexible arms and legs in the city of Buff. 

Terrifying Creature Terrorized Users

The sightings can be seen running around the countryside near the Bear’s Ears Visitor Center. Photos of the alleged monstrous creature have caused a stir in the US and some users on social media have described the strange creature as a terrifyingly insane creature.

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